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Did you know that eating carrots can help protect your skin? 

Carrots boost your immune system and help your skin glow.  That’s not all! It is believed that carrots help with wrinkles as well and have other health benefits.  

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Many believe that tomatoes are excellent for your skin.  They contain lycopene, which is an organic compound, that along with the minerals and vitamins help keep your skin looking youthful.  

Next time you make a salad, don’t forget the tomato!

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Are you drinking enough water? 

Always make sure you are drinking at least six glasses of water a day.  This will keep you hydrated and healthy.  From helping your skin maintain elasticity, to reducing wrinkles and fine lines.  Water can do amazing things for your skin and overall health.  

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Are you watching the NFL playoffs?   Going to a party or potluck? 

Go for the avocado! Skin benefits include: preventing damage, improving elasticity, minimizing breakouts, as well as other benefits.  


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Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Body Lotion is a quick absorbing moisture that infuses skin with immediate head to toe hydration, as it protects the skin moisture barrier to prevent moisture loss. 

Perfect timing for Valentine’s Day!  

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This month, chocolate is on the minds of many. In fact, American consumer research groups suggest 58 million pounds of chocolate is purchased for Valentine’s Day.      

Chocolate is delicious, but it can also be beneficial for your skin.    For example, studies show that dark chocolate helps protect the skin from the sun, reduce dark spots and promotes cell growth.   

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Not only do they help you relax, monthly facials benefit you the following ways: slow down the aging process, provide a deeper exfoliation, clean up deep under skin waste and help with skin tone. 

Ask about our monthly programs. 


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We get many questions regarding the order of the products on your face.  When it comes to serum and moisturizer, the serum goes on first, then massage in your moisturizer.  The reason for this is that the serum penetrates deeper than the moisturizer.    

If you have any questions on products or the order of products on your face, please call us at 559-324-7546.

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As March approaches, the color green is on the minds of many.  One little known plant is wonderful for your skin.  Succulent stonecrop  gives the skin instant, deep penetrating moisture that leaves the skin with a smooth matte finish. 

Facelogic has products that use plants, including stonecrop.   Call and ask about our nature products 559-324-7546 

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Facelogic Spa is excited to announce the addition of the High-Frequency Facial.  This state-of-the-art, gentle and safe approach to skin concerns helps with rejuvenation and treatment.  It works by increasing circulation to stimulate collagen production and help treat acne by killing the bacteria and reducing inflammation.    

Call and ask about this new service! 559-324-7546


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Masques are beneficial.  They hydrate and moisturize your skin, as well as: refine large pores, improve skin texture, absorb access oil and dirt, minimize the appearance of fine lines, enhance elasticity, and brighten dark spots.  

We use several kinds of masques for our facials.  Call today to learn more 559-324-7546. 

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Last week, the sun peaked through.  Although the weather was beautiful, now is the time to start thinking of sunscreens for your skin.  SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and is a measure of how well the sunscreen will protect your skin.  

We’ve got several available at our store.  Call us if you have any questions 559-324-7546. 


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Don’t forget to cleanse your face! Along with removing make-up, cleansers help remove dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants.   Cleansers also help keep pores clean and assist in preventing skin concerns like acne.   

We’ve got several good cleansers, call us today! 559-324-7546


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What is exfoliation? 

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells and build up from the skins surface.  Exfoliation helps with blood circulation and brightening and improving your skin’s appearance.  

Need exfoliation?  We can help.  Call us to schedule an appointment today 559-324-7546 

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Skin care and nature 

Just like skin care is important, so is getting out in nature.  Many reports suggest that getting out in nature helps your physical wellbeing reducing blood pressure and tension.  It is believed to also help reduce the production of stress hormones.  


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Is a scalp massage good for you? 

Many researchers believe that scalp massages promote blood flow to the scalp, leading to fuller strands.   It is believed that the stimulation can help with hair growth.  

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Since opening in Clovis on December 8, 2007, Facelogic has been a staple in the affordable luxury facial space.  One of the core principles of Facelogic Spa in Clovis is community involvement.  Recently, the company participated in the Clovis Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Expo.   

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Many researchers believe ice globes work on the facial muscles and relax the eye muscles after a long day of screen time.  Ice globes are also believed to even out skin tone, refine pores, and relieve migraine and sinus pain.  

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Love peaches? 

Peaches are a delicious fruit.  You can see them now on fruit stands in Clovis and Fresno.  As well as tasting good, peaches are believed to benefit the skin because they contain anti-inflammatory properties, and have vitamins C and A.  Next time you enjoy a peach, smile, because it is benefiting you.  

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What are extractions? 

Unless you tell us otherwise, every facial at Facelogic Spa in Clovis comes with extractions.  Extractions are when clogged or compacted pores are cleared.  This process helps remove debris or clear compacted pores.  Extractions provide for healthy looking skin and help prevent future breakouts.  

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Pumpkin time? 

You’ve seen the commercials.  Your favorite coffee hangouts are now offering pumpkin specific drinks.  Pumpkin is delicious, but it also has skin benefits.  Pumpkins are full of antioxidants and have vitamins A and C that help soften and soothe skin.  They also help the skin look healthier.  If you love pumpkins, you’ll love the  pumpkin masque that we carry! 

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Rosehip Oil? 

It is believed that rosehip oil brightens your skin, prevents blackheads, reduces inflammation and makes pimples smaller.   We’ve got a serum that uses rosehip grown in Armenia.   

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One of Facelogic Spa in Clovis’ most popular services is the Microdermabrasion.   This minimally evasive treatment uses a machine and custom tips to gently sand your skin, getting rid of the thicker, uneven layer.  Shown here are the tips and the center filter from a recent treatment of a client who takes good care of their skin.  

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 Mushrooms?  Skin Health Benefits? 

A few of our products at Facelogic Spa in Clovis have enzymes of mushrooms in them.  Believe it or not, mushrooms have skin health benefits like: boosting collagen production, providing anti-oxidant protection from the sun, brightening the skin, hydrating and moisturizing the skin, providing anti-aging benefits and much more.  


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Eating apricots is good for the skin? 

It is believed that apricots have vitamins A, E, and C, beta-carotene, and antioxidants that protect the skin from negative free radicals and help make the skin clear by unclogging pores and eliminating blemishes. 

We’ve got a few products that include apricots.  

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How do Coconuts help your skin?  

Researchers suggest that coconut oil has antimicrobial properties that can help protect against harmful microorganisms.  Coconuts also have toning properties that help prevent acne by minimizing pores, leaving the skin glowing.    

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What are the benefits of serum?

Serums are important for our faces.  They contain high concentrations of nutrients which help protect and moisturize your skin.  
Facelogic Spa in Clovis has serums from three quality skincare companies: Eminence, Image and Nairian.  Come by and check out our quality products.



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To express their “immense gratitude” for our partnership, Eminence Organic Skin Care made a donation in our name to the Mercy Compassionate Centre. Located in Migori, Kenya, MCC focuses on improving the living standards of orphans, vulnerable children, young adults and mothers in their community.
Facelogic Spa in Clovis is an official carrier of Eminence Organic Skin Care products and uses this line in Elite facials.


Thank you Eminence! 



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HydraFacial is a non-evasive treatment using patent protected technology to help cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate your skin.  The benefits to men also include a smoother face for an easy shave. 

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Eggs are on the minds of many these days.  Along with Easter’s egg fights, did you know that eggs are beneficial for your skin?   Eggs contain lutein, which enhance skin moisture and suppleness.  The final results could be more radiant skin.  

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There are many benefits to a good facial masque, including cleaning pores, improving skin texture, evening skin tone, diminishing fine lines, brightening skin, moisturising skin, and much more.

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At Facelogic, we pride ourselves on providing affordable luxury skin care.  Can you believe our signature facial is only $69 per month? Call for more information or details 559-324-7546.









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Tea has antioxidant powers which have been shown to naturally reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation and combat free radicals.   

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Birch water comes from birch trees.  This water is believed to eliminate toxins, leaving the skin clearer and brighter.  It also can prevent freckles and pigmentation.  

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Our Brigthening Cloud facial is the special for June 2024.  This facial is an oxygenating and brightening facial to help purify and detox your skin.  Facial includes extractions, Image Skincare cleaning and exfoliation products, vitamin C masque, fluffy bubbling cloud masque, an under eye and lip treatment, brigthening serum, eminence stone crop moisturizer, and image skincare SPF all paired with a cryo ice globe facial massage and massage of the neck, shoulders, arms and hands. 


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 The most uncomfortable part of a facial is the extractions, where pores are cleaned out. 

As annoying as these may be, they do help prevent future breakouts and give you a clearer completion.



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Strawberries are believed to be very beneficial to skin.  Experts say that the exfoliating properties help with dry patches, reduce acne and help brighten dull skin. 


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Facelogic now has the charcoal and black seed clarifying oil by Eminence Organic Skincare.  This non-greasy formula is for all skin types and is infused with activated charcoal and black seed oil to visibly reduce the look of uneven skin tone while absorbing excess sebum and leaving your complexion hydrated and soft.

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A client recently came in and told us that they had a “great” skin care routine.  After trying our Hydrafacial, the client realized that she needed to do a better job each night with her skin care.

We can help.  Hydrafacial uses the latest technology to help cleanse, extract and boost serum in your skin.