Refund Policy

There are many products and services on OMNI ENTERPRISE LLC, including vendor offers, that have fees or charges associated with them. It is assumed that existing OMNI ENTERPRISE LLC network users, and individuals new to the site, who buy or pay for these services are fully aware of what they are buying/purchasing and that they have read all documentation (product descriptions, advertising, etc.) regarding the product, service, etcetera, to have made that choice. There are no refunds whatsoever for our Recertification Program, HR Genius, Professional Education Courses, OMNI ENTERPRISE LLC Prime, or OMNI ENTERPRISE LLC Prime Plus once activity on the site has been established after the purchase of that program. There are no refunds whatsoever on aPHR exam vouchers, PHR exam vouchers, or SPHR exam vouchers. Other products that have been determined to be defective or damaged can be returned to us for a full refund within a reasonable amount of time deemed by one of our sales representatives (via email or documented phone call). The cancellation policy of other products, services, etcetera that appear on OMNI ENTERPRISE LLC but are offered by other companies or individuals, are the sole responsibility of those companies or individuals. OMNI ENTERPRISE LLC does not assume any liability of any sort resulting in the purchase of those particular products, services, etcetera and does not endorse the purchase of the same.

OMNI ENTERPRISE LLC bills for bookkeeping/accounting/tax/payroll services after the service is delivered unless as agreed prepaid with the client. The client can cancel OMNI ENTERPRISE LLC services with 1-month written notice at any time. All advances and payments made for services rendered are Non-Refundable.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services other than one time services rendered through OMNI ENTERPRISE LLC have a 15 days money back policy. If the customers is not satisfied with the services purchase through this website, they may ask for a refund of the paid amount with a reason within the first 15 days from the purchase/subscription date, and it is at the sole discretion of OMNI ENTERPRISE LLC , if the refund shall be authorized.

Advance payment for one time Bookkeeping and Accounting Services rendered is not refundable.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services products have a 45 Day return policy with a 35% restocking fee or as per the updated refund policy in force at the time of subscription.

We do not accept returns of non-Bookkeeping and Accounting Software, professional services including pre-paid time, product training, software (non Intuit products), shipping & insurance charges.

If a shipment is damaged in transit, please do not throw away the packaging and contact us upon receipt to file a claim.

Shipping and Insurance costs are not refundable.